Can you wear slippers outside?

With so many styles of lounge slippers on the market these days, sometimes it’s hard to tell whether they are indoor shoes, slippers or suitable for the outdoors.

Not to mention whether wearing your slippers outside can have other issues on your flooring and even your health!

With fabrics such as soft nappa leather, fur sliders and suede boot types, it can be tricky to know if you can use them to pad around your yard or whether they are strictly indoors only!

In our helpful article today, we will answer the question once and for everyone who asks ‘can you wear slippers outside.’

Let’s start with the mini take away first, so you make sure your beautifully designed indoor shoes and slippers are kept as beautiful as they were when you first bought them.

Generally you shouldn’t wear slippers outside as soft leather or other fine fabric will become damaged if worn outside for any length of time. Some bootie style, sliders or indoor shoes with  rubber soles can be worn. Avoid rain or other inclement conditions.

Ok so now we’ve got the short answer in mind, let’s start by discovering a little more and begin with discovering how wearing craftsman made quality leather shoes amongst others indoors only will protect your floors.

One of the chief reasons for wearing soft, handcrafted luxury indoor shoes, other than the beautiful feel of slipping your feet into sumptuous velvet after a hard day, is to protect your feet from contact with the floor.

So does wearing slippers outside have any hygiene issues?

Read on to discover more..

Is it safe to wear slippers outside?

In a recent study, you may be surprised to discover that any type of footwear worn outside then worn indoors is a hotbed of possible health issues.

Experts who studied this found a dangerously high level of microbiological pathogens identified from shoe soles.

Another study by researchers at the University of Arizona found astonishingly that the average shoe sole is covered with 421,000 bacteria and that 90 percent of those bacteria transfer directly to a clean tile floor on first contact.

So by simply popping outside in indoor shoes and slippers just for even just a short while, you are inviting all kinds of potential bacteria into your home.

“the average shoe sole

 contains 421,000 bacteria and that 90 percent transfer directly to a clean floor”

Will wearing slippers outside damage my floors?

Aside from the blissful feeling of sliding your tired feet into a pair of gorgeous Italian hand crafted luxury indoor shoes just like ours here at loungers, the other reason most people wear slippers at home is to help protect the flooring in their home.

Wearing your slippers outside and keeping the same pair indoors can cause issues with your carpet, wooden flooring and also scratch tiles.

Even if you just pop out to the yard for a moment, you could pick up all kinds of debris such as leaves, little stones and even bugs on your slippers.

Slippers that aren’t saved purely for relaxing in your home after a busy day, can permanently mark all kinds of flooring and might leave your carpet with nasty stains that are impossible to remove.


“Wearing your slippers outside

 and keeping the same pair indoors can cause issues with your carpet, wooden flooring and also scratch tiles.”

Ok, so now we’ve realized that wearing slippers outside could not only damage your interior flooring, it might also bring unwanted germs and other visitors into your home, let’s find out the consequences of wearing slippers outdoors on how long they might last..

If I wear slippers outside, will they wear out?

Another issue for those wondering if you can wear slippers outside is that if you do, they will most likely wear out very quickly.

Traditional slippers and lounge-type are often made of delicate or luxury materials such as

sumptuous bordeaux tech velvet, like our iconic

Serenity Men’s Slipper.

Slippers should be soft and comfortable.

Slippers have traditionally been crafted to be as soft and comfortable as possible, right down to the soles.

The standard design idea of any lounge slipper is a comfortable shoe that is lightweight, easy to wear, easy to get on and off, and just simply comforting.

Slipper soles are generally soft for comfort

Usually, the sole of a slipper is soft for maximum relaxation and comfort, along with protecting interior flooring.

Walking outside in a very soft sole can feel very hard on your feet, similar to walking barefoot or even cause you to slip..

However, some types with a more rigid sole, such as our Men’s Serenity Slipper, uses an innovative technology called ‘ hydrogrip’ which was originally created for orthopedics, sports, and even rock climbing!

This specialized sole has a superb non-slip sole even on uneven and slippery surfaces.


“Walking outside in a very soft sole

can feel very hard on your feet, similar to walking barefoot.”

Most slippers aren’t designed for extreme weather conditions

Another issue is simply weather conditions.

Rain or more extreme weather such as snow is not good conditions for slippers of any variety as they don’t have the sturdiness and weatherproofing as many outdoor shoes.

Are slippers comfortable to wear outside?

Anyone who has invested in top-quality lounge slippers made of buttery soft Nappa leather or any other design of indoor shoe might find some styles a little uncomfortable taking them to the great outdoors.

If your slipper has a delicate or fine sole, you could find yourselves with not only a hole in them but painful sticks and stones lodging in the undersides.

Here at loungers we are proud of our unique soles which are non-slip and hard-wearing.

Are any slippers comfortable to wear outside?

The only kind of indoor shoe or slipper that might be ok to hit the great outdoors in is those which have sturdy soles.

These might often be the Australian style bootee, a ‘pool slider’, or the best quality indoor shoes.

Some of the best indoor shoes and slippers combine not only a relaxing luxury experience but also a hard-wearing sole. 

Many inferior slippers or those generally described as ‘bedroom slippers’ will generally have a less substantial sole.

“Some of the best indoor shoes and slippers combine not only a relaxing luxury experience but also a hard-wearing sole.”

And finally…

We hope that has fully answered the question once and for all as to whether you can wear slippers outside!  Our beautiful collection has the best soles for outdoor wear, but make sure you avoid rainfall and wintry weather if you want to keep your loungers indoor shoes in the best condition.

If you are looking for beautifully chic stylish lounge slippers made from luxurious fabrics and soft leathers, don’t forget to check out our store.

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