Loungers® in Tokyo

While many of us like to stay within our comfort zones, there is so much to be learned from all around the world. As a frequent traveller, it is incredibly fascinating to see and experience various traditions and practices that different cultures partake in. Personally speaking, I have always been drawn to Japan and my trip to Tokyo was nothing short of a dream come true.

I got to see some amazing sights, including the incredible Cherry blossoms that look absolutely gorgeous in full bloom, eat amazing foods, and appreciate Japanese culture for what it is. People in Japan, of course, have their own sets of traditions, values, and customs, and it was great to see the contrast between what they consider the norm and what is regular for us back in the UK.

The Uwabaki


One Japanese tradition that I became a huge fan of was that of the Uwabaki. Uwabaki are a type of shoes or slippers that are worn indoors. Back home, most people are either barefoot in their homes or wear shoes that they would typically wear outdoors, especially if they are in public buildings. In Japanese culture, however, it is necessary to remove your shoes when you enter someone else’s home or property. Not only does this show respect, but it is also done to protect wooden floors, rugs, tatami (grass mats) and carpets from getting dirty or damaged.

Instead, they have a set of light, flexible shoes called Uwabaki that are worn exclusively indoors. By doing this you prevent the flooring from getting marred by outdoor shoes and do not have to roam around barefoot either. Your indoor shoes are always kept clean and they are easy to slip on and off. This practice is implemented in almost every Japanese home, school, and even certain public places. Why can’t we do the same?

Indoor Shoes for Traveling

When you travel to new places, arguably the most important part of your journey is the exploration you do when you set out in the streets on foot. It gives you a sneak peek into the everyday lives and routines of the locals in that region. Taking the shoes, you wear on your adventures inside the hotel rooms or rented spaces that you are staying in will only add the need to clean up. Choosing to forego any footwear inside is also a questionable choice since you do not completely know what the maintenance situation is like. The ideal solution is to carry your own indoor footwear with you.

Here at Loungers, we create and manufacture high quality indoor footwear that keeps your feet comfortable and chic in all indoor settings. Based in London, we combine modern British lifestyle with Italian footwear manufacturing principles to create a line of indoor shoes that are perfect for most occasions, are easy to carry for traveling purposes, and offer maximum coziness levels while being in style everywhere. You can wear the lightweight slippers with or without socks to ensure maximum comfort and ease.

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