Is Wearing Slippers At Home Good? 7 Best Reasons…

So we all know how relaxed wearing high-quality slippers, especially ones crafted by hand by skilled artisans with hundreds of years of experience. But is wearing slippers at home good for you? In my helpful article, we will uncover whether keeping your feet warm to ward off coughs and sniffles is a fact if slippers have the possibility of increasing your productivity and more! So let’s start first with the brief before we delve into details. Wearing slippers at home is generally good. It helps to prevent accidents such as slips, keeps your house cleaner, and prevents fungal infections from spreading. It can also reduce instances of colds and flu, stops foot pain from her indoor surfaces, protects your socks, and could make you more productive. Ok so now you can start researching some of the best slippers and lounge shoes to wear at home, let’s start by discovering whether it’s possible that wearing slippers can boost your productivity.

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1. Slippers can make you more productive

According to a recent study undertaken at The University of Warwick, it’s been proven that more relaxed workers are far more productive than their stressed-out counterparts! And obviously, there’s nothing quite like sliding our feet into some beautiful artisan soft leather lounge slippers! Slippers that cushion your feet in a structured moccasin style, especially those which are constructed using quintessential comfort features such as a Sorbothane Cushioning insole will guarantee you unprecedented softness and help you lose the pressures of the day. “there’s nothing quite like sliding our feet into some beautiful artisan soft leather lounge slippers!”  Wearing slippers help you to relax.

Admiring their craftsmanship and beauty will also no doubt add to your relaxed vibe and get you ready to tackle anything you’ve been putting off or even new arty projects. Wearing slippers is an instant way to relax, especially if you’ve invested your hard-won cash in some of the best lounge slippers, so give your feet a treat, relax and get to work on your to-do list. It’s the perfect time to get your tax documents organized, balance your accounts, update your resume or even start writing that novel you’ve always wanted to write.Serenity slipper

2. Reduce colds and flu

Although most of us remember our parents urging us to ‘wrap up or we will catch a cold it's not surprising to discover it isn’t simply just folklore or an urban myth. This is especially important for your feet according to researchers at Cardiff University's Common Cold Centre. In their lengthy studies spanning over  25 years, they explain how your body goes through specific changes when your feet are cold, which reduces your body’s ability to ward off diseases and illnesses. Being cold in lots of ways, including chilly feet slows down the movement of the tiny hairs in your nose that filter out germs.  This slower movement is likely to increase your risk of developing sicknesses during chilly weather. As Professor Ron Eccles explains, “Chilling the feet causes blood vessels in the nose to constrict. It’s a protective reflex action which slows down the loss of heat from the body, to try to keep you warm,” He goes on to say “The skin goes white, the inside of your nose and throat goes white and blood flow to the nose is reduced. The white cells that fight infection are found in the blood, so then there are fewer white cells to fight the virus.” So by making sure you are wearing slippers made from not only luxurious but also cosy fabrics such as calf’s leather, you will guarantee snug feet as the temperature drops.

3. Wearing slippers reduces your chance of fungal infections

It’s not just by chance that you are often handed slippers when visiting a spa sauna or other public areas of hotels you are often handed slippers. We are all familiar with the cotton terry slippers or other types of sliders when relaxing by the pool area. Slippers provide a barrier. Slippers aren’t purely there for your comfort and to keep your feet away from any harmful debris you might come into contact with, they also act as a barrier for many fungal diseases you might otherwise be susceptible to. Public areas, especially ones with hot steamy atmospheres can create ideal conditions for fungal infections such as athlete's foot to breed and rapidly spread. This is also true of your home areas such as shower rooms and poolside areas. This another of our 7 reasons why slippers are good! “Public areas, especially ones with hot steamy atmospheres can create ideal conditions for fungal infections such as athlete's foot to breed and rapidly spread.”

4. Wearing slippers prevent accidents

Wood, tile, and linoleum floors can be extremely slippery especially if you’re only wearing socks. Most slippers have a sturdy grip on the sole. The best quality indoor slippers might also have special features such as an extra soft Vibram "HydroGrip" rubber sole which was initially created for sports, orthopedics, and rock climbing. This sole has an extremely high non-slip capacity on uneven /slippery surfaces and excellent stability.

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 5.Help reduce foot pain from hard surfaces

We’ve all done that thing where we might hop around the house on a warm summer's day, barefoot. However, when we awake the next day, feet can feel painful and sore. Slippers can provide a supportive barrier between your feet and some of the hard floor surfaces you may have in your home. Wearing slippers at home is good because they can protect your feet from those harder floor surfaces and reduce instances of sore or aching feet.

6. Slippers help keep a clean house

As we discovered in one of our other helpful articles about wearing slippers outside, the soles of your outdoor shoes can be a breeding ground for bacteria and other nasties. It’s surprising to discover that along with the grit and dust we might expect, outdoor shoes also contain millions of bacteria. This bacteria has a huge chance of transferring to your indoor carpets and floors, where they will spread. By wearing the best calfskin leather Italian-designed lounge slippers with classic design elements such as piping, you can help to protect your indoor floors.

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7. Help prolong sock life

Our hardworking socks often wear out quickly. But by making sure you wear slippers, including the artisan-designed sumptuous velvet lounge shoes, you can help to keep them free from holes and also from discoloring and signs of wear.

And finally…

So there it is! All the best reasons why wearing slippers in the house is good! Don’t forget to browse our stylish and ultra-chic range of the best lounge shoes and slippers made from soft quality fabrics such as velvet and calf leather in our store .Treat your feet to the best slippers you can buy with a pair of soft, exquisitely Italian craftsman-desi lounge slippers, made quite simply with love.



I agree with this article so much! My daughter always goes outside with just socks on. But ever since I bought her slippers she puts them on when she comes back in. Now my house is way less dirty.

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