“The journey of living with intention is finding harmony within.                 At Loungers we marry the craft of the past and the concerns of the future into our responsibly made hybrid slippers.” - Giuseppe Bonfiglio

Luxury footwear brand, Loungers®, is determined to close the gap between luxury goods and environmentally conscious living by practicing zero-waste. Loungers Hybrid Slippers are handcrafted in Italy with local or natural methods and materials, using less air miles and achieving a reduced carbon footprint. Additionally, all packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable. Loungers also makes an immediate local impact on global warming initiatives and wildlife conservation by planting one tree for every pair purchased through their collaboration with Beyond Trees. This environmentally conscious combination of initiatives offers customers unique and versatile indoor/outdoor footwear that are also a responsible and ethical choice.

Taking inspiration from the Japanese art of Kintsugi, Loungers is also initiating the Kintsugi-Shoes project to promote circularity, upcycling, and sustainability, inviting customers to return their old Loungers when they are ready for a new pair.

The Loungers Collection of Hybrid Slippers stands out for its style versatility that can take you from morning coffee to midday meetings and evening events. Premium materials, high-impact innersoles, and high-traction Vibram® outsoles combine for an impressively sleek look, supreme comfort, and superior performance when you “Lounge, Walk, Drive or Fly in Loungers.”

Loungers are a brand that proves supporting an eco-chic lifestyle doesn’t have to mean compromising on style and quality or your sustainability goals.

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