Should I Wear Slippers Working From Home? Read This First...

So from zoom calls with your colleagues, through to a conference call with your boss. Working from home was always a thing. But with recent health developments in the world at large, working from home is becoming the norm for many of us. That new way of dressing for work, with a smart shirt or top and something shall we say, a little less business-like down below in the form of shorts and sweatpants is becoming a daily occurrence in the world of work.

But what about on your feet? Should you wear slippers when working from home, if so, what types or styles are best? Or might it be that being barefoot or wearing your outdoor shoes is better? In our helpful article, we will get right down to the definitive answer and find out once and for all. 

Generally, it’s better to wear a comfortable and supportive indoor lounge-type shoe when working from home. They will help to keep your feet warm, reduce foot stress, and are recommended for diabetics. A quality made artisan slipper will elevate your working day and help you dress for success. So with the short answer in mind, let’s delve straight in and discover first of all whether barefoot is better than wearing slippers.

Is it better to be barefoot working from home?

So we all might think that the best thing to do when sitting at your home desk for 8 hours a day, is to slip off shoes or slippers and let your feet breathe. Surprisingly, according to some experts, it’s not recommended. Let’s find out why.  

Walking around barefoot when working from home isn’t likely to cause any long-term damage to your feet, but it is a kind of mini-shock for your feet which might need some getting used to.

Walking barefoot can cause foot stress 

If you're going from wearing shoes most of the time to being barefoot all day, it's new stress for your feet that can result in some discomfort. According to Dr. Pedro Cosculluela, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in foot and ankle surgery at Houston Methodist, “The tiny muscles in your foot (the short flexor muscles, the interosseous muscles, and the lumbrical muscles) don't get used much while walking in footwear " explains Dr. Cosculluela.

"When you eliminate footwear and walk barefoot, these muscles start working more intensely. This leads to muscle fatigue and, if you're walking barefoot enough, even mild pain."

What about if I have diabetes and I work from home?

In a recent study recorded by The National Library of Medicine, they discovered that walking barefoot is a risk factor for foot ulcers in those with diabetes. They say… “Walking around barefoot is not recommended for people with diabetes, since these individuals often have a lack of sensation in their feet.”  This lack of sensation can make it easy for minor scrapes and cuts on the bottom of the feet to go unnoticed. This could lead to the development of wounds that are difficult to heal and the possibility of infection.

Plantar fasciitis

According to other experts, prior to working from homeopathy, you had a pre-existing foot condition causing you pain, such as plantar fasciitis or pain at the ball of your foot then you might be likely to add to the pain if you walk barefoot for long stretches. So in the ‘should you wear slippers when working from home’ debate, It seems that by wearing a pair of comfortable high-quality craftsman made indoor shoes especially ones made from soft and comfortable fabrics such as calf’s leather or sumptuous velvet, will help to add some extra protection and cushioning to your feet.

Dress for success

So although it might seem a great idea to pop on your old faithful slippers that may have seen better days, let’s find out why wearing old or worn slippers isn’t the best choice when working from home. As we saw at the top of the article, without the need to be seen in public (certainly the bottom half of you!) It can seem easy to simply throw on some old, casual, or even worn clothes if you are working from home. We all have been tempted to start our morning to-do list in our pyjamas and maybe those old scruffy slippers that you should have relegated to the nearest bin many moons ago! According to a recent Harvard Business Review, dressing for the job you want, whether it’s in person or remote is what you should be aiming for! We have already seen in one of our other helpful articles Is Wearing Slippers At Home Good? wearing slippers can increase your productivity.

Especially ones like our beautifully designed ACCELERATOR MEN SLIPPER DRIVER TAN, which is entirely crafted by hand while wrapping around your foot in one luxurious piece of soft nappa leather! This type of high-quality indoor shoe will elevate your and is also wonderful if you need to pop out to meet a client face to face as they can also be worn outdoors!

Accelerator driver slipper tan


Cold feet under your home desk

If you're sitting at your home working desk for long periods of time without shoes, the cold temperature can cause problems such as chilblains. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to chilblains, says Dr. Whittaker who is podiatrist and lecturer at La Trobe University. According to Dr. Whittaker, "The damage occurs when people say ‘'My feet are cold, I'm going to have a hot shower to warm them up and then a chemical process occurs when you heat your feet up too quickly and you end up damaging that tissue over an extended period of time," Instead, it's better to gradually warm up the affected area by wearing warm shoes and socks.

And finally...

So here’s every great reason to wear beautifully crafted, high-quality lounge shoes and slippers made by artisans. To view our full selection of the most luxurious footwear, built like a slipper but cleverly designed like a shoe, Check out our storeA stunning range of ultra-light and soft ‘walking on a cloud feel’ best indoor shoes for wearing while you work from home.

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