The Uncompromised Quality Of The Marche Region

We are a luxury lifestyle brand who is dedicated to providing quality footwear that supports eco-chic living. Without the perfect manufacturing structure Loungers slippers designs are little more than a drawing on paper. The Le Marche region of Italy is world-renowned for their uncompromised quality and was at the top of our list when searching for a production place. Once we found the location and the team, we felt an instant connection. Not only is the craftsmanship exceptional, but they are our trusted artisans and friends.

Why “Made In Italy” Has Meaning?

While not a tourist attraction, the Marche region is ideal for experiencing authentic Italian culture, cuisine, and craftsmanship. The picturesque rolling hills, hilltop towns, and tiny villages are full of artisans who specialize in everything from olive oil to wine, art, and handcrafted leather. It is currently where over 80% of the shoes made in Italy are manufactured. It’s not just the quality of the Italian shoemaking techniques and exceptional leather, but the fully transparent, honest, and fair process. Just like we aim to be your house shoe for life, our Italian artisans aim to be our production facilities for life.   

What Makes The Marche Region So Exceptional?

When it comes to manufacturing Loungers, we chose Marche because they have perfectly balanced the need for industrial production, with the extreme attention to detail required to deliver our signature styles. They don’t just make our shoes, their master craftsmen bring our designs to life, delivering the look and feel of handcrafting with the consistency of industrial production. This includes premium leather and raw materials and start to finish production that is aligned with our brand’s green initiatives.

Not Just A Production Structure, But Our Friends

Loungers is intentional about each decision we make for our brand, weighing the positive ripple effect for our team, our production, and for you. Living in a constantly-connected and fast-paced world, having meaningful engagement with others can be challenging. Loungers slippers encourage you to slow down and spend quality time with those you hold near and dear, and to dedicate some moments to yourself. Lounge with your loved ones at home without sacrificing your style, also knowing that your slippers were crafted by artisans that we consider to be our friends. You have countless options to choose from when searching for a house shoe. With Loungers you will instantly see and feel the difference.

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