Our Gift To You

In addition to being aligned with your green living goals, your Loungers slippers encourage you to slow down. We live in a constantly connected, fast-paced world where it can be challenging to find balance. In your Loungers you can relax and unwind at home, without sacrificing your style. To further encourage balance, we are gifting our friends with a free one-minute meditation guide. Meditating provides a variety of benefits for your mind, body, and spirit. From quieting your thoughts to helping you return to the present moment, decreasing stress, supporting your mental health, and more. If you’re new to meditation, begin with one minute or two and work your way up. Not to worry if you lose focus as perfection isn’t the goal. Focus on your breath, body, and relaxation. Just a few dedicated minutes to yourself each day can make a world of difference. https://www.oneminutemeditation.com/en/