Cotswold & Loungers: Enjoy the Picturesque Countryside in Comfortably Chic Statements

Spending the chilly season in the snow-covered expanse of Cotswold is an utterly magical experience. The snow-drenched cottages and old-world charm of the region is all the more endearing and winsome in the winter. But when the snow sets in, our style paradigm shifts towards comfort and warmth.

With the coronavirus pandemic roaring across the world, we’re all shut indoors and social distancing has become the new normal. But luckily, Cotswold has much to offer in the realm of indoor entertainment. Loungers’ delightfully chic footwear statements will help you elevate your style game and keep your feet cosy with their intense comfort.

There are numerous ways in which you can flaunt Lounger’s collection of indoor footwear and play up an elegant style game of comfort chic looks.

Keep reading to explore the delightful ideas we have in mind.

Countryside Charm

The countryside is all about reviling in the bounties and beauty of nature, and sitting down for magnificent brunches at one of the many prestigious gold country clubs in the region. If you’re visiting Cotswold or belong from the region, you’re bound to be a regular or a frequent visitor at a country club.

Loungers presents a lovely variety of sophisticated indoor footwear styles that will give your casual statements an attractive ladylike poise. Footwear holds a special place in the English dress code and clubs require a formal attire that combines well-tailored and preppy accents with sophisticated comfort.

At Loungers, that is exactly what we offer and much more with our constantly updated indoor footwear selections.

Exploring British Heritage

Cotswold is a fabulous region to explore and unravel the mysteries of British heritage, and you can feast your eyes on magnificent architecture, artwork or enjoy cultural discoveries. The theatre is another remarkable entertainment avenue in the region.

If you’re staying at an Oxford holiday cottage or passing through Oxford to visit Modern Art Oxford, be mindful of your attire. You need a contemporary formal statement with dark solid colours, or perhaps light pastels. Since you’ll be walking around the expanse to feast your eyes on contemporary art pieces, Loungers’ indoor shoes are a great choice to keep your feet comfy without cramping your style.

Our indoor slippers will also prove a fabulous choice to explore the Corinium Museum in Cirencester, a remarkable opportunity to explore Cotswolds’ archaeological roots. 

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