Loungers and the Perfect Vacation in the British Countryside

Don’t you find it odd that as Londoners we excel at styling up the most disheveled of outfits with a sleek trench coat but being caught in our flip-flops causes us unbearable embarrassment? And rightly so, our footwear defines our style preferences and statements because it attracts immediate attention.

At Loungers, we believe in footwear that allows our feet an undeniable comfort that makes feeling at home everywhere easier and simpler. As an eco-friendly and chic indoor footwear brand for Londoners and customers around the world focused on achieving conscious moments while walking, we aim to send out a powerful message on respecting the earth and nature.

The British lifestyle has inspired our indoor footwear brand, along with the intricacies of Italian footwear craftsmanship. At Loungers, we design high-quality indoor footwear that delivers unparalleled comfort with a chic, modern design. In the wake of the pandemic, Londoners are eager to relocate to the British countryside to soak up the warmth of the British sun and escape the stressful environment of the city.

 So, how does Loungers align with your frolicking and vacationing endeavors in the beautiful British countryside?

Let us find out, shall we?


Brunches in the Countryside

The Devon region is one of the most picturesque gems of the British countryside. It’s increasingly hard to sit indoors when the lush vibrancy of the rolling hills and the thought of a scrumptious English brunch spread beckons you to step outdoor.

On days you want to enjoy an English-style brunch with fresh produce and a delightful floral arrangement, and think of not much else, a versatile pair of comfy indoor shoes will be your ideal companion. Bruncheons require an elaborate dress code, even in the countryside, and you don’t want to be caught making a footwear faux pax in an elaborate dining room.

Farmer’s Markets & Country Fairs

A trip to the British countryside is simply incomplete without attending the glorious farmer’s markets and the countryside fairs. Devon is particularly famous for its exciting round of festivals, craft fairs, farmer’s markets, food festivals, and much more.

Festivals and fairs involve a great deal of walking, which can burden the feet, and the thought of wearing unflattering footwear is even more discomforting than the act itself. Loungers offers an impressive variety of chic indoor footwear designs that offer a flattering and comfortable fit. Aligned with our strategy of feeling home everywhere, our designs will keep you classy and comfy as you return to the house from spending hours exploring craft fairs and checking out food stalls.


Cosy Tea Parties

Britishers adore their tea parties and don’t really need an occasion to set up an elaborate set up of beautifully painted tea sets and snacks. Tea parties also require an elaborate statement, bordering between laid-back chic and presentable.

Loungers presents the perfect footwear selections to play up your hostess charm and flatter your feet with comfort and style!

At Loungers, we encourage our cherished shoppers to explore the glories of the British countryside and take a conscious walk around the property with our high quality footwear brand that is dedicated to respecting nature and providing moments of feeling grateful.

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