Why is Handcrafted Better?

We live in a world of online mass-produced items, where manufacturing in huge quantities fulfils a worldwide demand.

So it’s not surprising to discover that according to industry experts, in 2021, over 2.14 billion people worldwide bought goods and services online.

However, many more of us are embracing the beauty and quality of a beautifully crafted item made with love.

So why is handcrafted better? In our helpful article, we will delve into the world of the quality small batch and find out!

First, before we find 13 reasons why handcrafted pieces are better, let’s find out the brief answer.

Why is handcrafted better? Handcrafted items are unique, made by expert craftsmen and no two items are the same. A handcrafted piece is as individual as we are. Handcrafted items are created with expertise, love, and meaning. Buying a handcrafted item promotes family connections and a greener more sustainable lifestyle.

So with the brief answer in mind, let’s start our journey of why handcrafted is better, let’s get into details.

Let’s start with one of the major reasons many of us are turning to handcrafted goods.


As the manufacturing process's main objective is to turn out identical items, one of the joys of items made lovingly by craftsmen is their unique quality.

Every time you buy an item made by knowledgeable and expert craftsmen, you can guarantee every item is one-of-kind and individual.

A handcrafted piece beautifully encapsulates:

  • Colour
  • Texture
  • Shape
  • Design
  • Grain
  • Detail

The personal touches added during the design process allow the artist to impart each piece with its personality

This accentuates the charm of handmade and allows each one-of-a-kind creation to be a true work of art.

Here at loungers we are proud that every pair of our luxury handcrafted shoes is as individual as you are.

Made with love

Another joy of investing in quality handcrafted pieces is that you can guarantee every single item is made with love & attention by someone who cares about what they make.

Those who produce handcrafted items have a deep connection with the story of their original artistry.

This kind of emotional relationship between the craftsman and his unique work breathes life and love into every handcrafted item you buy.

There is almost always a compelling story behind any handcrafted item which can be anything from

A long-standing family tradition, through to simply the joy of crafting and the love of working with beautiful materials.

Handcrafted Products Are Green.

Work done by hand impacts our earth in a much more positive way than the mass production of an assembly line.

Environmentally sustainable handcrafted businesses help consumers make the right choice, not only for style and quality but also for the growing number of customers who respect provenance and need to know they are making a responsible and ethical choice.

Often, handcrafted items use local or natural materials with fewer air miles and leave less carbon footprint.

This makes handcrafted better for shoppers looking to buy goods made in a more earth-conscious manner.

Job market

So are there any other reasons by handcrafted are better and why by quality handcrafted products made with love?

According to a recent study, increasing consumer spending on locally owned businesses, would create hundreds of new jobs and millions of dollars in local wages.

Family connections

One of the crucial benefits of choosing a handcrafted piece is the connection with our artisan partners.

Each piece holds a story of the men and women who learned the art of their craft from their parents.

Deeper relationships where crafting has developed over not just one generation, but multiple generations who learned the family skill and craft, alongside the story of their parents, who learned from theirs.

The joy of a handcrafted item means we as consumers hear those stories straight from the artisans, bringing the product to life.

Feel-Good Factor

A big box store is never going to replicate that intimate and personal shopping experience which consumers buy into every time they purchase a handcrafted piece.

Our value and self-worth increase every time we help an artisan fulfil their dream.

Be proud to buy handcrafted by supporting family businesses and know that your purchase supports local industry.

Take pleasure in knowing you are helping to keep specialized industries alive.


Mass-produced items are made as cheaply as possible to maximize profits.

Exceptional quality for money is only achieved when buying handcrafted items from skilled artisans.

Craftsmen typically use the highest quality materials which are often hand-picked locally sourced.

Hours are spent on painstaking attention to detail and perfecting each piece.

There will never be any kind of comparison between a beautiful handcrafted item that has been shaped by human hands.

Here at loungers, our craftsman uses the softest and beautiful black butter-soft calfskin to create the unique, Accelerator men’s slipper.


A creative spark is what drives an artist's passion, fulfilment, and enthusiasm for their skill.

Handcrafting luxury pieces is a perfect way for artisans to express individuality and imagination.

By striving both as makers and patrons to not only create but also purchase handcrafted goods, we are giving a platform for talent and self-expression.


The custom-designed expression which comes from the heart is one of the true ways handcrafted is better than mass-produced goods.

Many makers and artisans love working closely with their customers and are usually able to accommodate requests which give your piece customization and become tailor-made.

Artisan pieces from master craftsmen give a product of gift which is a direct expression from the heart.

Keeping tradition alive

Many expert artisans and makers use skills and techniques which are rooted in history and in a time before mass production.

Craftsmanship and quality were important as were the dedication and skill of creators.

Here at loungers we boast more than a century of dedicated and skilled shoemakers who are continuing to bring their beautifully crafted indoor shoes to discerning customers.

Often in manufactured products,  many money and labor-saving shortcuts wires are employed which loses the rich cultural heritage and tradition found in a handcrafted piece.

When buying handcrafted you can guarantee that time-honored skills, methods, materials, and traditional ways of working will continue.

“Here at loungers we boast more than a century of dedicated and skilled shoemakers who are continuing to bring their beautifully crafted indoor shoes to discerning customers.”


Any handcrafted item made by skilled craftsmen and artisans is usually made by their own hands.

This conserves energy, reduces the need for large production chemicals and waste.

Handcrafted items of all kinds are often designed and implemented using greener processes and offer recyclable and more sustainable packaging.

By choosing items that have been made by artisans, you can be sure handcrafted is better for a sustainable future.

Local Artisan Support

Often by consuming more handcrafted products you are supporting either an individual or a small family concern.

By choosing to buy their traditional, beautifully designed, and unique items you are investing vital capital directly into your community.

Artisans have invested their heart, skill, and vision into each piece. When customers buy from a craftsman, you are not only complimenting and understanding their vision, you are actively encouraging them to keep following their dream and continuing excellence in a trade they love.

By supporting local artisans, you are investing money back into the community where you live, which is vital in today’s economy

Handmade Means Love

A true craftsman or artisan brings their passion into every single item they create.

Painstaking individual attention to every piece is what helps to make every piece unique and beautiful.

This passion for crafting shows the world the love of the craftsman for his creation.

When buying pieces from such skilled and enthusiastic artisans, this love is being brought to life and shines through every single item they create.

And to finish on…

Handmade goes deeper than retail. Handmade pieces show the power of the human spirit and its propensity to create.

When you support artisan-made pieces, you also support the craft skill they practice. Supporting skills like silversmithing, basket weaving, and shoemaking, we are helping them to pass the skills to the next generation.

Here at loungers, we pride ourselves on our family team of dedicated and skilled craftsmen who bring you the most beautifully designed luxury indoor shoes for men and women.

Inspired by the British lifestyle and crafted with the quality of exceptional Italian footwear