Loungers in Vienna

When you are going to another country, what do you think of first? The budget may be the first thing that comes to your mind but being a frequent traveller, that is something you must be good at planning. Other than the budget, you also need to take into account the culture of the place you are travelling to.

And you just don’t want to go there and enjoy, but you want to be at ease while you are at it. Hence, during the packing, choosing the clothing carefully is key and what’s even more important is to choose the shoes. Moving around in Europe, home shoes should be your first priority because there is simply so much to see in European cities. Let’s see how our home shoes can help you look and be at your best in Vienna!

For Traveling

These slippers are multi-purpose and designed in a manner that can provide comfort no matter where you are. Available in red and black, these slippers look aesthetic with an outfit of any style or colour. Made of velvet, these slippers are comfortable for any kind of weather, even the winter. Since right now it’s the holiday season, you will find our lounger slippers the best for moving around.

Whether you are walking down the street during the day or the night, going to a formal occasion, going to the store or visiting any historical place, the loungers slippers can make you look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time. Since they have been manufactured in classic colours, they can look good with skirts, jeans, shirts and more. Some of the top historical places in Vienna include large museums that would remind you to wear comfy home shoes or slippers to spend the day marvelling at the works they hold within them. The Hofburg and Belvedere Palace are among the top museums of Vienna.

Other than historical places and walking around the town, Vienna has plenty of adventurous activities for you to explore too. These activities include hiking, nature walks and educational forest trails. Unlike heavy joggers, if you want to look fancy while walking down the tracks of nature, the loungers slippers will not disappoint you at all.

For Dancing

Vienna’s culture revolves around balls that are not only romantic but festive too. This tradition invites people from all over the world, so you can expect both locals and internationals to accompany you to dance. In fact, the dance culture is so extreme that it lasts for many nights rather than just one. Since it is the winter season, you can get an idea of how many balls take place just during the cold– around 400 or even more than that. It gets even more magical due to the diversity of the people but since these are balls, there are dress codes involved too.

Most of the times, the dress codes for balls have been those from the 18th century. The atmosphere has been the same too, with organs and fanfares. With the balls usually going on until the midnight, comfort is key. The Loungers velvet slippers were not just home shoes for me in Vienna, but they proved to be perfect for dancing. With the appealing royal look of velvet and the comfortable sole, dancing seemed to come easy and natural. The look and feel both could go with any kind of ball gown, or in case of men, they would look great with any outfit!

These slippers are no ordinary home shoes, they can take you anywhere from the Vienna Opera Ball, Concordia Ball, Confectioners Ball and more. The dance style is waltz, so the loungers are perfect to match the fast-paced style as well as live up to a dancer and visitor’s expectations alike.

Comfy Slippers for Musicians

Musicians have been working immensely hard to earn enough money for a living. While in Vienna, the music culture is so high that they can even be seen in the streets. In these hard times, music has been one of the uplifting sources for spreading hope and happiness among everyone all across the globe, including Vienna.
Also in the opera houses of Vienna, particularly the Vienna State Opera, you can find both men and women playing out tunes in harmony. Both female and male musicians can be seen wearing hard shoes and although they are a comfortable choice temporarily, they don’t align with the complete classic touch of the music that is being played. Traditional musical instruments such as the violin or the trumpet can usually be seen carrying around.

Now most of these instruments are typically heavy and considering how these musicians have to carry them all day and all night long, so it can get extremely difficult too. Our Loungers slippers are perfect for both female and male musicians to be at their best while performing, as they combine the classic touch of velvet and are made with the comfort and care of Italy! If you’re an attendee, then our home shoes are good for you too!

musician slippers

Working from Home in Vienna

Last but not the least, ideas for work-from-home outfits are something new this year. Due to the pandemic, many people have been forced to reside within their homes but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have to dress up anymore. It’s for your comfort and confidence that dressing up properly can motivate you to work more productively.

While being in Vienna, it is obvious that you would be spending some time at home too. The loungers slippers make the perfect home shoes, thanks to their touch of velvet and soft sole. So whenever you are moving around in your little space, during the holiday season, you can be sure of staying warm and comfy.

We at the Loungers, are dedicated to making slippers that not only work for home shoes but are also easy to wear outside. We are a London-based company, and therefore you can feel the classic European and British essence in our entire range of home shoes. Since our slippers are lightweight and soft, they are very easy to pack and take on the go. They are ideal for taking with you all around the world, making them even the perfect holiday gift for the ultimate traveller.

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