Saving The Planet One Step At A Time: Choosing Sustainable Footwear

Shoes are one of the most essential items in everyone’s wardrobe. But did you know that your footwear choices can have a major impact on the environment?

With the alarming rate at which resources are being depleted and pollution plaguing our cities, it is important for us to be conscious about what we put on our feet every day.

Sustainable shoes not only help preserve nature but also provide a wide range of benefits like increased durability, breathability, comfort and style.

In this blog post, our master craftsmen here at Loungers will explore why choosing sustainable footwear is essential for saving the planet—one step at a time.

First let’s get the mini answer before we find out why you should be choosing sustainable shoe brands.

Fast fashion production is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions and produces garments with a low lifespan that end up in landfills. Sustainable shoes not only help preserve nature but also provide increased durability, breathability, comfort and style. Loungers is dedicated to responsible production practices while partnering with Beyond Trees and One Tribe to save the planet.

Let’s start by exploring the impact on our planet of the fast fashion industry.

How fast fashion impacts our planet

Fast fashion is becoming a huge problem in the world today, with clothing production now being responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions according to recent reports.

As a result, many conscious shoppers are looking for new sustainable options when it comes to buying fashion.

This type of clothing production has increasingly negative environmental impacts.

From the excessive amounts of water and energy used to create garments to the hundreds of millions of tons of wasted textiles disposed annually, fast fashion is anything but sustainable. Its effects on our environment are truly staggering.

One of the main sources of concern is that fast fashion produces garments made of low-cost materials like polyester, acrylic, and nylon that often require large energy input in order to produce.

In addition, these fabrics are not biodegradable and end up in landfills where they can release unhealthy toxins into the air and water systems.

On the other hand, high-quality items such as premium Italian leather and handcrafted lounge shoes are more responsibly produced and have longer lifespans than their fast fashion counterparts.

Here at Loungers, we're dedicated to creating footwear that you love without compromising the planet.

Read on to discover more reasons why you should choose sustainability.

Why You Should Choose Sustainable footwear brands

With over-consumption and waste being two of the biggest environmental challenges we face today, it’s important to think about the clothes we buy and how they will affect our planet.

Sustainable fashion brands are a great way to reduce your impact on the environment while still having fashionable clothes that you can wear with pride.

Sustainable fashion brands are leading the way towards a healthier planet. Choose a brand that offers high-quality products made from sustainable materials and practices—not only for the environment but also for your health.

Not only do sustainable fashion brands uphold responsible production standards, but they also produce quality clothing that won't wear out quickly with time.

The best sustainable shoe brands use ethical methods, including tanning and dyeing processes that are more environmentally friendly than traditional alternatives.

This ensures that your wardrobe will last longer and you won't have to replace it frequently. Plus, you can look good and safe in the knowledge that they were made in an ethical way!

By choosing sustainable footwear brands, you’ll be helping the environment while being sure that your shoes won’t contain any toxic chemicals, making them a better choice not only for the environment but also for your health.

Why choose Loungers to protect the planet?

Our high-quality leather shoes are made by artisans from premium Italian leather.

This type of craftsman-led designs is created to last longer than other typical shoe materials, helping reduce their overall environmental footprint.

The leather used in all our lounge, driving shoes and slippers is carefully sourced from ethical, humane suppliers that practice responsible animal husbandry.

Whether you're looking for high-quality leather shoes, premium Italian leather loafers, or lounge and driving shoes, start shopping with a conscience today and make your wardrobe more sustainable!

Not only will you have stylish, quality pieces to last you for years, but you'll also be contributing to a better future.

“Our high-quality leather shoes are made by artisans from premium Italian leather.”

People over profits

Quality footwear purchased from ethical sources can be worn with pride knowing they were produced through practices that prioritize people and the planet over profits.

They also come with a guarantee of quality and durability that you can trust.

Our collection is made from premium Italian leather sourced from local tanneries in the region.

They are designed to ensure both comfort and durability, so you can enjoy them for years to come.

From classic loafers to stylish hybrid driving shoes, our collection of comfortable and stylish lounge and driving shoes will easily become your go-to footwear.

Choose sustainable clothing brands now and join the movement towards a healthier planet!

“Quality footwear purchased from ethical sources can be worn with pride knowing they were produced through practices that prioritize people and the planet over profits.”

How Loungers is saving the planet one step at a time

Beyond Trees

Loungers, in collaboration with Beyond Trees has chosen to take a stand against environmental degradation.

This exceptional organization was created by a group of friends who met at the London School of Self-Awareness.

Its aim is to promote greater awareness and mindfulness around our relationship with nature through its twofold mission: planting trees for the environment's sake and raising self-awareness among individuals on how they impact it.

For every pair of shoes purchased, they will plant one tree alongside also educating individuals on how not to harm our planet. Together we can make an impact!

One Tribe

At Loungers, we understand that our planet is worth preserving and protecting.

That's why we partner with One Tribe to help protect the rainforest and its important role in fighting climate change!

With every purchase made through us, you're doing your part for the environment by automatically saving 5 trees which helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Not only are those trees vital sources of oxygen but they also play a huge part as natural solutions when it comes to capturing and storing carbon - something no man-made invention could ever do better than nature has been perfecting over millennia!

As always, Loungers stand behind their commitment towards responsible business practices under The United Nations Framework For Climate Change’s Sustainable Goals Initiative.

Our way of helping keep Earth green now and into future generations.

Saving the planet one step at a time - The wrap

The reality is that we can no longer ignore the negative human-induced impact our lifestyles have had on our planet.

To help protect it, making an effort to choose sustainable brands and products when possible is a small but meaningful act of love for the environment.

Thankfully, with more and more sustainable footwear options becoming available in the market, shoppers can find something they can love without sacrificing their carbon footprint.

Shop our store and discover our collection of premium Italian leather handcrafted shoes today, to find a style fit for your own mindful journey into sustainability!

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